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2 Degrees

In the year 2092, climate change has transformed the face of Earth. Storms, disease, famine, thirst and war show no mercy on the living. Sharon Clausen, a self-reliant farmer, has a secret apple tree―a tree that keeps Sharon and her wife, Eve, fed.

The only other people who know of her secret, or so she thinks, is Dr. Ryan, a long-time confidant, and his wife, Areva. Once a month, Sharon and Eve travel from Maine to Boston to trade apples with Dr. Ryan for Eve’s leukemia treatment. Everything suddenly changes when Eve is kidnapped and the Ryan’s are murdered. Sharon learns that her best-kept secrets are known and coveted by a man known as the Strelitzia―a coldly practical villain.

Sharon sets out on a harrowing journey across North America to rescue Eve. Along the way, she teams up with an Inuit refugee boy, a stray dog named Erik the Red, an eccentric former school teacher, a jujitsu master, an Argentinian opera star, and a brilliant scientist who leads an alliance of eclectic people known as the Qaunik. Together, this ragtag group battle horrific storms, an unrelenting desert, terrifying criminal gangs, feral humans, and the Strelitzia.

In the end, Sharon must face her greatest challenge―risking all that she loves for something much greater than herself.

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Meghan Blaney comes from a long line of self-sufficient, gritty Maine lobstermen. She knows a thing or two about hard work, loyalty, and sacrifice. When she put off going to culinary school so she could take care of her aging father, she never expected to be schlepping pancakes at a local diner a decade later. Nor did she plan to be living in an old house that was too small for her partner, Lauren, and her cantankerous father.

Meghan’s life becomes even more complicated when she agrees to let her ex-con brother, Scott, stay with them. He unwittingly brings the sordid underbelly of the fishing industry and one troublesome gun into their lives. Meghan quickly learns the hard way, despite everyone’s best intentions, that having a gun comes with its own unintended blowback.

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My Soldier Too

“I wish I’d known love in this life.” Captain Madison Brown strained to hear the dying soldier’s last words in the makeshift hospital on the fields of war-torn Iraq. The lieutenant’s final comment haunted Madison for the remainder of her tour in Iraq and then followed her home to Massachusetts. Ironically, Madison wanted no part of love for herself-or so she thought until she crossed paths with Isabella Parisi, an idealistic young social worker who challenged her to love again. Isabella, a dedicated professional from a tightly knit Catholic family in Boston’s North End, has a seemingly perfect life: a satisfying job, a family she adores, and a devoted boyfriend. A chance encounter with Captain Madison Brown causes Isabella to question everything she thought she believed in. And the emotionally guarded Captain Brown gives Isabella even more reason to doubt the feelings swirling within her. Isabella’s family, Madison’s commitment to the Army, and their fears about what it means to love each other conspire to keep them apart. Just when it seems they’ve finally dodged all of the landmines between them, Madison is deployed to Afghanistan. As an officer in the Army, Madison swore herself to be a guardian of freedom and the American way of life. Can Isabella accept Madison for the person-the soldier-she is? What price duty? What cost honor? How much must one sacrifice in exchange for the promise of love? Not all of the ravages of war happen on the battlefield. What happens to Isabella and the relationship between the two women when Isabella must confront the fact that Madison is not just her lover, but her soldier too?

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