My Inspiration for Writing 2°

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I started the research for 2 while on a trip to Antarctica in December 2013. Dirty Bird is the name we gave to a scrappy little chinstrap penguin hell-bent on building its nest in a terrible location. Instead of a dry spot free from snow or ice in springtime, Dirty Bird was relegated to the muddy outer edges of the nesting colony. The penguin’s otherwise white belly was covered in brown muck. The ornithologist on our expedition explained that rising temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula were bringing more snowfall, thereby decreasing suitable nesting locations for a variety of penguins. Dirty Bird was undeterred. Like that gutsy penguin, those of us who care about making a difference in the fight to protect Earth as we know it should also be undeterred. 2 is for Dirty Bird and all of Earth’s wild ones. I hope you’ll join me as I continue to post blogs about my journey to research and write 2⁰, as well as other topics that interest me

To read an excerpt from 2° please visit Eco-fiction’s Green Reads website, Dragonfly—an online literary portal. The good folks who run this site are working to build a network of authors, publishers, and readers who enjoy eco-novels, prose, poetry, graphic novels, nonfiction, and short stories. Their secondary goal is to raise awareness of how climate change and other environmental issues can be handled in literature. Please check out their site. Lots of great books are featured.


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