Diversity of Stories

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Last night we went to see a production of Ms. Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley. I loved it.  The set was excellent; and the performers were top notch.  Even though I suspected from the very beginning that the nerdy middle sister, Mary, would find true love, I wasn’t disappointed to have been correct. It was a classic romance.  Protagonist meets love interest, the world conspires to keep them apart, but true love wins in the end.  It’s exactly the kind of play I wanted to see at the holidays, especially with all of the crazy scary drama going on in the real world.  It provided the perfect escape.  That’s why so many of us, myself included, love to read a good romance. Let’s face it, the world needs a whole lot more love. I’m grateful that there is such a great treasure trove of brilliant romance writers in the world.  I just don’t happen to be one of them.

Besides love, the world could use a much bigger dose of diversity. Diversity makes life more interesting, not to mention that, in my opinion, it’s the answer to so many of our problems. Diversity of stories is no different. While I don’t write romance, I do write fiction that features everyday lesbian protagonists trying to make their respective ways in an imperfect world. Sometimes they find love; and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes their better angels prevail; and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they fit in; and sometimes they’re at the margins. Sometimes they succeed; and sometimes they fall flat on their faces. But they’re never defeated, because their stories matter. If forced to categorize my writing, it would be that I write about the heroine’s journey. We’re all on a journey and capable of being everyday-heroines in a wild and beautiful world. This is what I write about. If you want to know what I mean, check out my latest novel, 2⁰.  It’s available at Bywater Books, or wherever great books are sold.

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  1. Loreen Janos

    What would we do without diversity in stories. Imagine how boring books would be if they were all basically the same. Thanks for the blog.

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